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Precious & Highly Functional PET & Nylon Meshes for Medicals

Monofilament Polyester (PET) or nylon yarns are plain woven into mesh fabrics. Then the fabrics are cut into discs, pieces or tubes for medical filtration, diagnostic and wound care applications in medical industries.

We can supply you wide ranges of mesh counts mesh fabrics, pieces, tubes and other structures for medical instrument manufacturers and instrument service company. Specific requirements can be satisfied.

  • Noncytotoxic, non-hemolytic, non-pyrogenic and no sensitization.
  • Highly precious and biocompatible.
  • High throughput rates and excellent particle retention efficiency.
  • Hydrophilic surfaces.
  • High filtering efficiency for safely transfusion.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • Non-shedding performance.
  • Can be used combined with a wide range of absorbers and nonwovens.
  • Can be customized with customers' specific requirements.
  • Transfusion. PET & nylon filter mesh can be made into blood tubing filter to prevent blood clots and particles from entering patients' bloodstream. The blood tubing transfusion filter is high throughput rates and precise mesh opening, which is benefit for the high performance of transfusion sets.
  • Diagnostics. Nylon & polyester filter belt can increase the speed and reliability of diagnostic test strips. The plain weave fabric enhances the test strip performance through increasing the flow rate and decreasing response time.
  • Wound care. Nylon or polyester filter fabrics can be used as a contact layer for low-pressure wound, as a supporting fabric in skin grafts or as a carrier for drugs and ointments. It has non-stick surfaces and defined pore/mesh size. The monofilament yarn is non-shedding performance.
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