Several dishes and cups on the table and beautiful patterns on the body.

Screen Printing Mesh – Ideal for Your Ceramic Printings

Screen printing can be used in the ceramic industries for directly screen printing or ceramic decals production.

Screen printing mesh has wide ranges of mesh counts to satisfy different substrates and complete precious and accurate printing with different ink types. Screen printing mesh can be used in production for ceramic tiles, tableware, cups and other ceramic products.

Screen printing mesh has low elongation and high adaptation to both inks and substrates, so it is an ideal choice for different screen printing industries.

  • Excellent UV resistance.
  • Large printing area and little limitation to substrate materials.
  • Low elongation and good mechanical resistance.
  • Precious printing.
  • High printing adaptation.
  • Printed pattern is not sensitive to climate impacts.
  • Suitable for different printing inks.
  • Low pressure and suitable for fragile ceramics.
  • Different mesh counts are suitable for different printing requirements.
Ceramic decals
  • Line work.
  • Halftones
  • Effects
  • Precious metals.
  • Relief
  • Covercoats
A machine is producing screen printing ceramic decals.

Screen printing on Ceramic Decals

A dish, two cup and teapot with screen printed flower pattern on the table.

Screen printed tableware

Ceramic tiles
  • Line work
  • Halfstones
  • Precious metals
  • Relief
  • Glaze
A machine is screen printing ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles screen printing

Several ceramic tiles are paved on the floor.

Screen printed ceramic tiles

Hollow ware ceramics
  • Scale
  • Decoration
  • Information
A black cup is being screen printed with machine.

Screen printing on hollow ware ceramics

Several nylon screen printed cups with different patterns on the table.

Screen printed hollow ware ceramics

Available Types
A roll yellow, a roll white Polyester screen printing mesh on gray background.

Polyester screen printing mesh

A roll of nylon ceramic screen printing mesh on gray background.

Nylon screen printing mesh

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