Several screen printed glass pieces with colorful patterns on the table.

Efficient Screen Printing on Glass Panels & Shaped Bottles

Polyester (PET) screen printing mesh is widely and popularly used in the glass industry. It supplies uniform, colorful and accurate printing for both decorative and functional applications.

It is widely used for automotive glass, building decorative glass, household glass as well as different shapes and sized hollow glassware.

You can get polyester screen printing mesh as well as nylon screen printing mesh for screen printer or for stencil makers.

  • Wide ranges of mesh counts for all requirements and accuracy of screen printing.
  • Ideal for automobile glass, household appliance glass and various shaped bottles printing.
  • Maximum efficient and reproducible for glass screen printing production.
  • Suitable for various screen printing machines and different printing inks.
  • Custom service for stencil makers and solar panel printers.
  • Reduce production costs and production loss for your glass printing.
  • Competitive prices help you occupy more markets in your local markets.
  • Heating conductors
  • Type labeling
  • Edge masking
  • Antenna
A man is pouring inks on the polyester screen printing mesh stencil.

Automotive glass screen printing

A piece of screen printed automotive glass with marking on it.

Screen printed automotive glass

Construction Building Glass
  • Sun screening
  • Heat insulation
  • Decoration
  • Protection from birds
Several pieces of construction glass on the production line.

Construction glass screen printing

A construction building is installed with several colorful glasses.

Screen printed construction glass

Home Appliance Glass
  • Glass-ceramic hob marking
  • Control panels
  • Decorative panels
  • Edge masking
A machine is screen printing home appliance glass.

Home appliance glass screen printing

Home appliance glass in the kitchen: oven, microwave oven and wall decoration.

Screen printed home appliance glass

Hollow Ware Glass
  • Scale
  • Decoration
  • information
A machine is screen printing patterns on the glass bottle.

Hollow ware glass screen printing

Several screen printed hollow ware glass on the table.

Screen printed hollow ware glass

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