A detail of solar cell.

Cost-Effective & Reproducible Mesh for Solar Cell Screen Printing

Screen printing is an effective, economical and main technology in solar cell production. It is an important process in front and rear metallization layers. This process reliable and reproducible material for standardized and precise production.

We can supply you both 100% polyester screen printing mesh and stainless steel screen printing mesh for more accuracy and reliable solar panel production and meet the high-volume demands as the energy markets continues to grow.

  • Wide ranges of mesh counts for all requirements and accuracy of screen printing.
  • Maximum efficient and reproducible for solar cell production.
  • Stainless steel or polyester materials options for different budget requirements and accuracy.
  • Custom service for stencil makers and solar panel printers.
  • Reduce production costs and production loss for your solar cell production.
  • Competitive prices help you occupy more markets in your local markets.
Crystalline solar cells
  • Front metallization layer
  • Rear metallization layers
A machine is screen printing crystalline solar cell.

Crystalline solar cell screen printing

A detail of crystalline solar cell.

Screen printed crystalline solar cell

Dye-sensitized solar cells
  • TiO2 layer
  • Insulation layer
  • Dye layer
  • Electrolyte layer
  • Counter electrodes
A machine is screen printing dye-sensitized solar cell.

Dye-sensitized solar cell screen printing

A detail of dye-sensitized solar cell.

Screen printed dye-sensitized solar cell

Available Types
Three rolls of stainless steel screen printing mesh on gray background.

Stainless steel screen printing mesh

Several yellow and a white screen printing mesh on gray background.

Polyester screen printing mesh

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