Two rolls of polyester screen printing mesh and a production line of screen printing.

Screen Printing Mesh

Widest ranges of mesh counts for screen printing in textiles, glass, ceramic, electronics and solar cells

everal discs, bags, tubes and ribbons on the picture.

Fabricated Meshes

Standard and fabricated mesh shapes for your specific filtering applications


Polyester & Nylon Screen Mesh Professional Manufacturer

Eastar Filtration Industry Co., Ltd is established in 2014, which is developing and innovating company to produce polyester (PET) and nylon (PA) screen mesh fabrics.

Our monofilament polyester and nylon screen meshes has excellent chemical and physical stability to be used for screen printing and industrial filtering.

Special processed filter parts can match various filtering equipment and applications as customers' requests.

A workshop of polyester and nylon mesh.
What we Have?
Two rolls of polyester monofilament screen mesh on gray background.
Why Choose Us?
  • Advanced equipment saves labor and production costs.
  • Professional experience recommend you best products.
  • Large stocks satisfy your large and urgent orders.
  • Wide ranges of mesh counts satisfy all your requirements.
  • OEM/ODM service are available for your maximum profit.
  • Competitive price help you occupying more markets in your locals.

If you want to order or as agent in your country, just contact us, we will give you best experience and satisfaction to achieve win-win cooperation.