A detail of screen printed pattern on the black t-shirt.
A detail of patterns on the Linen curtain.
Four silk mufflers on the white background.

Screen Printing in Textile – Bright, Individual & Creative

Screen printing is an important production process, which can give textiles brilliant, beautiful and individual.

Screen printing mesh has wide ranges of meshes for precious and accurate screen printing. Low elongation and reproducible performance can help you reduce production costs and occupy more markets in your local markets.

Screen printing mesh is ideal for light or heavy textile fabric and garments screen printing. You should decide your needed mesh counts according to your substrates.

  • Wide product range for all screen printing requirements.
  • Efficient production and reproducible for both stencil preparation and screen printing process.
  • Low elongation and high accuracy make your screen printing beautiful, high grade and innovative.
  • Suitable for various screen printing machines and different printing inks.
  • Custom service for stencil makers and solar panel printers.
  • Reduce production costs and production loss for your glass printing.
  • Competitive prices help you occupy more markets in your local markets.
For Garments/T-shirts
  • T-shirts.
  • Trousers.
  • Jackets.
  • Shirts

Polyester monofilament screen printing mesh can transfer thick ink deposits and creat special patterns onto various substrates for high quality commercial garments.

30 mesh/inch to 300 mesh/inch wide ranges of mesh counts for your choice for cost effective and high production efficiency.

A rotary screen printing machine is printing T-shirts.

Garment screen printing

Several different styles of screen printed t-shirts on the table.

Screen printed t shirts

For Flatbed Textiles & Heavy Fabrics
  • Bed linen.
  • Curtaining fabrics.
  • Other heavy fabrics

Our screen printing meshes can be used with all kinds of ink types with large range of width in flatbed textile printing. It can be used to screen printing for knitted fabrics, blankets, linen fabrics even coarse denim. And the maximum textile width can reach 145 inches.

A rotary screen printing machine is printing heavy textile fabrics.

Heavy textile fabrics screen printing

Several different styles of screen printed heavy textile fabrics on the table.

Screen printed heavy fabrics

For High-end Textiles & Light Fabrics
  • Chiffon.
  • Silk.

160 mesh/inch to 305 mesh/inch screen printing mesh is recommended for high-end light fabric screen printing. It can maximally ensure the precious printing on the silk fabric and complete more complex printing. Polyester screen printing mesh is an ideal choice in standard applications up to exclusive special printing.

A rotary screen printing machine is printing silk fabrics.

Light textile fabrics screen printing

A piece of silk fabric on the table withe beautiful flower pattern on it.

Screen printed light fabrics

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